TreoAlarm 1.15

Add an alarm clock with weather forecast to your Treo

Not only it will wake you up, TreoAlarm will also deliver local weather report and 5-day forecast to your smartphone.

Key features:

  • Multiple alarms; use any built-in or downloaded MIDI polyphonic ring tone.
  • Gradually ascending ring tone volume gently wakes you up
  • Up-to-date weather report and five day weather forecast can be downloaded just before alarm rings (wireless internet connection is required)
  • Ultra-efficient use of wireless connection (1-2KB per single forecast download)
  • Color weather icons to show sunny, cloudy, rainy or stormy conditions
  • Special alarms can turn your phone off at night and turn it back on in the morning to save the batteries

Comprehensive alarm program for your Treo.

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TreoAlarm 1.15

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